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Wedding Night Gift

He proposed, you said yes, now the wedding is approaching, want a fun gift for him on your wedding day?


I can't think of a more perfect way to say I love you, than an album of the person he loves most... YOU!

This gorgeous gal came down to have a session the week prior to her wedding to remind her groom how much she loves him. That she trusts him with the most intimate parts of herself. (Some of my wedding collections include a boudoir session!!)

She even brought his cowboy hat. Items like this make a session more personal and reflect YOU which is something I love!

Stepping in front of the camera can be intimidating, we all have flaws and we all get nervous. But there is something so empowering and liberating to hop into some lingerie and model for the camera.

Then looking back at your images you will be able to see how gorgeous you really are! Sometimes it just takes someone to show you that those flaws aren't really flaws, but more like beauty marks that make us all unique.

Come have a session with me, and let's put that sparkle back in your eyes because girl...




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