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Hello! It's Me, Brianna Cate


I have so many new followers I thought I would make a post to introduce myself.

That being said today is also my youngest child's FIRST birthday,as well as this month we had a national breastfeeding week the first week of August.

Nursing Session on His 1st Birthday

What better way to introduce myself than to incorporate breastfeeding (we are going strong at one year!) and one of my children. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a mother first and foremost. Everything I do is centered around my family and even though I have other littles that aren't pictured, they are still very close to my heart.

That being said my name is Brianna! I am a photographer here in Walla Walla, WA. When selecting a career I selected art. Living art to be specific. I create art through my lens every day when I capture everything from beautiful families, weddings, newborns, boudoir, and so many more genres! I love the emotion, the passion, and the beauty in life.

A session with me is SO much more than just images that reflect you, your life, and the things you love; it is the experience. We laugh, we shoot, we build confidence, and we capture real genuine smiles. I couldn't tell you how many clients of mine tell me after a session how much fun they had and how easy it was! Of course I help with posing BUT I do it in a way it is light and fun and hardly feels like work at all.

He loves to wave, total photographers child here

Breastfeeding not your jam? That's totally okay, I wanted to use these images of myself because they reflect ME and something I LOVE and feel strongly about. That's exactly what I will do for you, in YOUR session. Tailor it completely towards your likes, and what reflects you, like I did here with my images.

And the end result? You walk away feeling refreshed, happy, and with gorgeous images to hang on your wall. I love to chat so if you ever are possibly interested in a session, lets connect. Let me show you what I can offer you and how much fun we can have during a session!


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