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All about YOU sessions are one of my favorites. They are perfect for Graduation Images, Senior Portraits, and when you just need a quick reminder of how amazing you really are! I tailor the session to you, you vibe, your mood, your interests.

(Starting at $200)

Sessions with friends

Sometimes They can be twice as fun when you have sessions with friends. These can be great for Senior Graduation Portraits because not only do you get to adventure with your bestie, you capture moments for the yearbook and fun memories too!

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All the good angles, all the fun. We live in such a beautiful world, let's go explore, walk around, and capture some fun in between.


Humans come with all types of likes/interests/hobbies so I created options to make it as personal as you are.


  • Multiple Outfits

  • Multiple Locations

  • Additional Time

  • Special FX (Smoke, Confetti, Glitter, etc.)

If you can dream it, I can create it

The Senior Session-24.jpg

Regardless of if you are casual, glam, or a little rustic. Let's adventure and let your personality shine!

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