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In the Box Sessions

So what are these crazy in the box sessions??

They are SO fun! Fast and easy, only about 15-20 minutes session playing in a white box. PERFECT for families that have little ones that just don't want to sit still. Also perfect for adult siblings, you and your hunny, Celebrating a birthday? You name it we can make it happen. 

This session is $150 and comes with a collage of a set of images that interact with each other (final digital image included!) There also is an option to have a 13 box collage for $35 more.


There are SO many themes that can be done, it can be changed for any holiday, or even clean and classic without a theme! I love creativity so tell me your vision and we will make it happen! 

Here are a few examples so you can see how adorable these turn out!

P.S Want to just have a session for your pets? We can do that too! Did you see the super cute session below with the Boxer pups?!?


Book NOW, click here.  Winter 2022 dates left: December 10, 2022

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