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The newborn age is precious and fragile. This is one of those moments in life we cannot take back and want to remember as the years go by. There are three types of newborn photography that I offer, each equally as beautiful.


P.S. I also offer no interest payment plans!

Posed Newborn ($800)

These images are best taken before baby is 14 days old. I prefer anywhere under 21 days old; they are still sleepy enough to be curled up and swaddled. These can be done in studio or in the comfort of your own home if you aren't feeling up to traveling just yet.


Newborns are fragile and delicate, safety is ALWAYS my main priority in working with newborns, I welcome mom, dad, grandma, and anyone to assist in newborn posing. Little ones feel safest when mom is near, the room is warm, and they are cuddled up with a tummy full of milk!


There are no time limits on these sessions as newborns run on their own schedule. If the baby is alert and takes some soothing to sleep it might take us awhile, if the baby has a more calm temperament then it might be faster. I always plan on a extra time to make sure we capture those precious shots. I want everyone to enjoy the session and feel relaxed and leave feeling accomplished. 

These sessions do cost more than lifestyle because of the skill level needed to accomplish these images and maintain the safety of the newborn. Also the varied amount of time it could take.  I also always throw in some composite images. This is a fun spin on newborn photography. Through years of experience I am able to CREATE an image like the examples show. How does it work? I swaddle baby or dress them cute then after then session and you are back at home I place them in a digital backdrop to appear like they were there at the time of the session as I edit. This is a skill not every photographer offers and it can be themed to suit whatever you would like! This is a great option for little ones who don't lie to sit still for long and don't enjoy being laid down.


Can you tell which below are composite images? 

Lifestyle Newborn  ($400.00)

This can be done at any time in that newborn time. These can be great because they can be easily taken at 1-2 months old to give mom time to recover after birth. (If you are interested in learning about my birth photography options CLICK HERE. These are typically done in the family home and capture your everyday life but can also be done in my studio. Comfortable, intimate, and full of love! Generally these sessions last an up to an hour.

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