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Lovers on a Rocky Beach

Engagement Sessions

"Why have an engagement session?"


This is what I hear often, especially from the groom to be. He loves her deeply but might not love being in front of the camera too much. Sometimes there is a stigma in photography that a session is  going to be boring, stuffy, and a chore. 

Maybe in the older days but I don't believe in that currently. Anyone can capture images  standing and smiling. But not anyone can tell a love story. I crave real moments, real memories, and an incredible experience. I want to learn who you each are. I want to learn your hopes, dreams, and passions. I want to explore the world with amazing humans and capture each and every love story in its own way. 

Maybe you met at an ice cream shop. Let's go have a date with whip cream kisses in a café. 

Maybe you met during your travels. Lets adventure to the mountains or the oceans and I'll remind you of how she made your heart flutter that first time. 

Maybe you met the traditional way (friends, work, life)  and are worried about where to go and what story to tell because sometimes life isn't as styled as Pinterest. Help me get to know you and what you both love and we will create and capture something you never thought was possible! I love to be different and creative and if you put a little trust in me, I have no doubt that I can show you that your story is just as beautiful as those Pinterest boards you have been swooning over. 

So.... are you up for an adventure? 

Starting at $200


The Fun

Gone are the days of boring images. Let your personality shine! Take the risk, let's make this unforgettable. 

Woman's Hands with Jewelry

The Details

I am in love with all the small details. The rings, the hair, the details in the clothing, the small moments that sometimes get missed. 


The Love

I want to capture YOUR love story. Come as you are, and let's tell the story just as you have written it. The perfect imperfections that make it beautifully yours. 

P.S. Engagement Sessions are complimentary in some of my Wedding Collections.

Are you ready to start planning your big day? I can help! I offer a variety of Wedding Collections and would be thrilled to build you a free custom quote. 

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