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A Whimsical Adventure

Every year a child grows older can be hard on us parent. We want them to grow, to thrive, to succeed in life... BUT... at the same time we don't want them to grow up!

Meet my little Kindergartner...

Child Portrait, Kindergarten, Children, Family Session, Photography, Joyfolie Dresses
Kalena, age 5

She is wearing a dress and hair piece from Joyfolie. I cannot believe how she is growing up right before my very eyes. She is my oldest Wild Child. We went for a short adventure around Walla Walla to celebrate the beginning of Kinder.

It amazes me more and more the personality little ones have and to be able to watch them learn and grow, and curious to learn what the world has to offer.

As we were nearing the end of our session, being close to Halloween, she exclaimed, "Mom! Make me a witch! Not a mean one but like a white witch, a good one, but still spooky." You got it!. One of my favorite things is Themed Composites!

Halloween Inspired Photoshoot, Composit, Photography, Child Model, White Witch
The "Good Witch"

If you would like a session for your back to school prince or princess, lets connect!


Brianna Cate

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