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Nursing Sessions

Motherhood comes in so many forms. There are so many things we think we are going to do, and then little one(s) arrive and our entire plan changes.

Let's talk Nursing

Breastfeeding is something that is close to my heart and I have been blessed to be able to nurse my own little one for one year now! 

Brianna Nursing -1.JPG

I don't step behind the camera often but the image above is of my son and I on his first birthday. I feel fed is best. That means it's okay to breastfeed, or formula feed, or supplement, or use donor milk, or tandem nurse, etc... All that matters is that YOU are healthy and happy and BABY is healthy and happy. That being said I love that I was able to nurse ( yes that is me pictured above with my youngest) so nursing sessions are close to my heart. I understand that sessions like these may not be for everyone but I love them.

Regardless of how you feed your little ones, or how old they are. We parent the best we can with more love than we knew was possible. There should be less criticism and hate, and more love and support. It takes a tribe to raise babies, and the world could use a little more love.

I don't judge, I support and empower other women and encourage them to share their journey.

So let's chat, I want to know YOUR story, and then let's go on an adventure and capture those priceless moments because sadly they won't be little forever, and one day they will decide they don't want to nurse anymore and before you know it they will be going off to collage or to explore the world.


Sometimes these sessions are meant to be shared with the world, and other times they are only meant to be shared with those we love most. Wherever you are in life, I can tailor the session to fit you, and your precious bundle of joy.

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