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The Beauty of Birth

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A few years have passed since our birth day and there isn’t much I remember from the experience. And as much as I want to hold on to every detail time has a way of making it very difficult–impossible.


Like many first-time parents we didn’t hire a photographer and wish we would have with our first. To have our moment of birth captured and relive the experience would be the greatest gift ever.

I believe birth is sacred and every expecting person deserves thoughtful & compassionate care from pregnancy through postpartum. I encourage you to choose your birth photographer as carefully as you would your Midwife, OB & Doula...


.....Choose me because you trust me as a person, artist & documentarian.

.....Choose me because you want me silently supporting & remarkably preserving one of the greatest moments of your life.

Childbirth is one of the most soulful, wondrous & transformative experiences we encounter in life. Birthing bodies are BEAUTIFUL, innately STRONG & COURAGEOUS. The love & determination it takes to bring new life earth-side is an authentically raw moment worthy of remembering forever.

As you navigate through labor and those first moments together as a family your birth story is remarkably preserved. By hiring a professional birth photographer you allow those supporting you to remain fully present in the moment while beautifully preserving one of the most special moments in life.

The precious moments surrounding birth are fleeting and by capturing the story you’ll be able to relive the moment for forever. Each experience is thoughtfully & respectfully documented, 100% un-posed, beautifully edited & tailored to fit you.

I offer Birth photography as well as Fresh 48 to help capture these moments. Maybe you don't want someone in the delivery room and you have decided that isn't for you, how about a Fresh 48? After the adrenaline rush is over and you are holding your sweet babe i can meet you in your hospital room within the first 48 hours after birth to capture those BEAUTIFUL moments. Raw and unfiltered, innocent beauty. 

Contact me and we can chat online or sit down for a cup or coffee or tea and figure out what would fit you best.

The Birth Collections

Birth Story

4 Hours of labor coverage

4 weeks of on call time surrounding due date
All Images on an online gallery

Full print release
Announcement images available within 24 hours

Complete Birth Story


FULL Labor Coverage, (Max of 12 hours)

5 weeks on call time surrounding due date

All Images on an online gallery

Full Print Release 

Announcement images within 24 hours

**Payment Plans Available!**

C-Section Story


2 Hours of coverage Surrounding C-Section 

4 Weeks of on call time surrounding due date 

All Images in an online gallery

Full Print Release

Announcement Images available within 24 hours 

Post Delivery Collection

Fresh 48 
30 minutes of coverage at the hospital within 48 hours of birth

4 weeks on call time surrounding due date
Announcement images within 24 hours

Home Lifestyle 


1 Hour Coverage once everyone is settled in at home.

Siblings and family welcome!


**Home Lifestyle or a Fresh 48  is only $200 when a birth collection is booked. 

** Ask me about Maternity-Birth-Newborn Bundle Discounts!

Birth Galleries
Fresh 48 
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