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Boudoir With Friends

Trying something new can be intimidating, especially whipping out some lingerie in front a complete stranger AND then allowing them to photograph you in an intimate way. It takes courage to show it all and trust them to make you feel and look your best.


It makes it easier when you have a session with a best friend! It can ease your nerves, add

some laughter, then you have fun and sexy memories to keep for a lifetime. Friendship is one truly amazing thing we have in this life. A best friend is there when you are feeling low, to celebrate when you are feeling great, to laugh with, to cry with, to get in lingerie in the back of a truck with. THAT'S a best friend.

If you haven't been brave enough to take on a session alone, even though you WILL feel amazingly beautiful afterwards, have one with a friend! Also those booking a session with a friend or even booking back to back sessions with friends, EACH of you will receive $20.00 off of your session fee!

I love discounts and saving money, and these is a great one. Get a discount for having fun, what could be better?

These two beauties, had a session around the 4th of July, they wanted to capture their beauty, their friendship, and their patriotism. I think we successfully managed that in this gorgeous outdoor session! The lighting was magical, Hair and Makeup was on point (one of them had their hair and makeup provided by the fabulous Frankie Metzger, check out her amazing work HERE (, and their friendship captivating.

When you take the leap to have a session with Brianna Cate, you will walk away feeling beautiful, empowered, and with the realization that you are enough, you are worth it, and you should be proud to be yourself.

Strut your stuff gorgeous!

Ask me today about availability, and how to make YOUR session match your personality and incorporate things you love.

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