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Hello Gorgeous! 

I believe every woman should exist in photographs. I believe every woman should invest in getting her picture taken. I often say "a woman may come to me to create a gift for a loved one, but she will leave having given herself a gift."

You are most vulnerable when you are letting someone else capture you as a person

It doesn't matter your age, body type, or stage in life, boudoir can be a great gift for that special someone or for yourself! Women sometimes forget to take time for themselves and forget how truly beautiful they are.

                                                                                                       YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

Let me capture that beauty through boudoir. I will guide you through posing and even help with wardrobe choices. We can have the session in the comfort of your own home, in my studio, or even at a hotel. Whatever makes you comfortable.

As a mother myself I understand we may not always see ourselves in a great light and we tend to focus on the stretch marks and scars. But let me tell you something.

                                                EMBRACE those curves and marks! SHOW them off. STRUT your stuff gorgeous. 

Let me make you realize how beautiful you really are. Usually the first session is for someone else as a gift but I have had many women come back for the BEST reason to have a boudoir shoot.... self love!

Privacy is something I am about, don't worry, you don't have to showcase these photos on my website, you can keep them 100% private or you can let me use a few to INSPIRE other gorgeous women like yourself.

Let's get together and create some magic!


P.s. Need a little help before your session? Check out my BLOG for helpful hints, announcements, and fun!  

Don't want to read a blog, jump right to my getting ready section!! CLICK HERE

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Female Boudoir Collections                                                                                    

Petite Collection 


30 minutes of shooting time

Proof Gallery

10 images with the option for more

Luxury Collection


1 full hour of shooting time

Proof Gallery

20 images with the option for more


Wrapped Up Collection


1 hour of shooting time 

Proof Gallery

20 images with the option for more

A Leather album of Images

The Complete Collection


2 hours of shooting time

Proof Gallery

40 images with the option for more

Two Locations (Indoor + Outdoor)

Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup can be added to any session for $100+. We can connect you with a list of local artists to provide this for your session. 

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