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"Essentially what photography is,

is life lit up"

So Who Am I?

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HEY!  I'm Brianna.

I grew up bouncing between schools and states, always moving and on the go. My heart is in the Midwest where I grew up. Busy cities, hustle and bustle of life, never taking a slow moment, parents always working. As young as two I loved to take road trips with my grandmother. She instilled a desire to be free and to let my personality shine! As she would say... 

"You were up for an adventure when you were two years old. We would take off, open the sun roof, holler “woohoo” and off we would go!!"
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As I aged however, I began to see the importance family time,  in intimate moments, small giggles, late night talks, and it slowly matured that sense of adventure to want to include others. 

Fast forward a few years and I became blessed with two incredible children that showed me the world in ways I never knew possible. They lit a fire in my soul and I wanted to show them the world!

With my education being in medicine and traditional sciences, taking the leap to Photography was a nervous adventure, but for the first time I felt free. I felt complete. It was everything I never knew my soul was craving. 

I began as all photographers do shooting EVERYTHING and anything I could get in front of my lens. And slowly I found my niche.


- Lifestyle Moments. -

But what really does that mean? It means REAL moments. I don't believe in fabricating life, and portraying something false. There is so much beauty in the world, why should we force change? My personality is quite loud so it is very normal to see me chasing children, searching for dinosaurs, adventuring to epic off the grid locations, and convincing others around me (ESPECIALLY my clients) to step out of their comfort zone. I am ALWAYS up for an adventure. 


Let's be real, let's cherish the moments, because after all.... 

I don't want to just give you beautiful images. I want to give you an experience. I want to refuel your desire for life, awaken your dreams, and create moments with you that you will never forget. Regardless if it is for Family Images, Beautiful Weddings, Classic Boudoir, or maybe the Birth of your newest family member.  I want to make an impact on the world. 

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Where should we go next? I'm ready if you are!


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